Financial Coaching That Goes Beyond the Money

Money is the tool we use to get something, to go somewhere, to give back to someone. What is that something, somewhere, who is that someone? Financial coaching is about discovering the importance of those things or people we receive money from or give money to… And we give and receive more than our money! Our time, our energy, our emotions… how are we spending our resources, and how are we replenishing them?

At Financial Savvy, we get to know you and what resources you want more or less of, and then we work with you on choosing to bring that into your life.

Because it’s always been about more than the money…


Desiree Bartsch, Co-Active Financial Coach.

"I'm not good at math" is one of the most common things we hear. And we say, it's OK, you don't have to be.

Still, you struggle to keep up with bill payments, feeling the pressures of saving that "pay yourself the first 10%" that everyone tells you to do. Maybe you're living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe you have a savings account but it's got a zero balance. Maybe you always wonder what happened to the $100 you just took out of the ATM the other day.

There are so many options to help you with your day-to-day finances, especially with your bank: apps, auto-pay, direct deposit, access to your money is just a click or call away! So why do we struggle? Sometimes, unexpected bills pop up. Sometimes (most times), budgets simply don't work. Most times, we let money control us instead of focusing our money on where we want it. Your lifestyle is unique, your money earned and spent is unique too.

Money coaching works like this: we start by finding out how you feel about money now. We ask questions that uncover what you might be telling yourself about your money: how much money do you think you need to feel secure? to feel comfortable? Then we move into more of an advising role where we assess where you're at (net worth) and what you spend your money on (yes, there will be some homework involved in this one! We'll make it as simple as possible, we promise). Together we come up with a unique plan that works for you and your lifestyle. The latte factor? Forget it! We would never give up our favourite beverage, we won't ask you to either! All along the way, we change our hats from advising to coaching, because, most of all, you want to feel good about this.

You really want to put yourself out there, and there's something you're really good at, but...

Maybe you've been out of the workforce for awhile, and are a little nervous about stepping back into it. Maybe there's this thing you do really well, friends compliment you on it all the time, and you're unsure if you can make a living from it. Maybe you've got a good job - by your or someone else's definition - and you're simply not satisfied with it.

You ask yourself: can I afford to let go of this job and step out on a limb? Do I dare to ask someone to pay me for this? How can I get promoted at work? What can be done to get me out of this current job?

Of course money is a concern, and underneath that is a layer or two of feeling daunted... uncertain... insecure...

Here's how coaching can help: we do what's called a Discovery Session to discover what you value, what you enjoy, what lights you up, what you're good at. Then we look at who you want to be and what you want to be doing. Then in our continued coaching, we work together towards that fabulous person who is and does those things she values most. We get to know your value.

You have a dream. To write a children's book. To open a boutique. To sip espresso every morning in Italy. To be a voluntourist. To paint seascapes from your studio window or, better yet, from the beach just outside your door. You dream of being this amazing, smiling, radiating woman who is exactly who she wants to be. People on the street turn to look at you as you pass, wishing they had as peaceful and happy a look as you do, as they wonder to themselves and those around them "how does she do it?!"

You imagine this world in those moments between the things you need to get done. You love this imagined world. You want to stay here. And then the words "I can't" run through your mind as the phone startles you, or your toast is burning, or your boss comes in to ask for that report, and instead of believing in your dream world, you once again believe the "I can't"s. You have a mortgage, husband, kids, dog, career, bills, parents, _(insert obligation here)_... You can't.

We have been there. It sucks.

Coaching in this area begins with a Discovery session: what do you value, what are you passionate about, who do you want to be and who are you now? We explore your dream(s) and what they mean to you, and then we explore ways to bring that into your daily life. Maybe you write the book, maybe you write ten, or maybe you help adults learn to read... Let's look at the dream and the story and see how you can FUNd your passion.